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Welcome to the Verpedia, dedicated to documenting useful facts and information about the World of Verpets! [1]

If you're a registered member of the Virtual Pet Site Verpets, and have been one for more than a week, you are more than welcome to contribute to the Verpedia by creating and editing pages to further the knowledge and information available to Verpets users. Document anything factual that you think is important - be it events, news, features or guides.

--Joe_ 17:08, 22 July 2010 (EDT)

Page Styles

Please note when creating pages for Verpedia, readability should be the number one priority. Whilst the creativity of some page designs is to be admired, one should aim for simplicity and ease of use instead of 'great looks' and 'creative interfaces' in portraying information on Verpedia. Therefore keeping to the default text sizes and keeping information in basic tables/mediawiki styles is desirable.

--Joe_ 17:18, 30 July 2010 (EDT)

Suggested/Needed Pages

  • Item documentation - what specific items do, how to obtain them, approximate selling prices.
  • Events - past art contests, release of special pet colors, past seasonal features.
  • Island of Verpets - info about each area/feature.
  • Pet Species - info about each, where to find, bait, item to obtain with.

Please check the Verpedia:Community Portal to avoid wasted work

Page Spotlight

Dive right in and continue contributing to these sections in development...

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