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  • brb y'all


    flight rising: foreverendeavor
    overwatch: Lexifer#11184
    steam: CeilingDweller

    portfolio and business inquiries: lexipape.com
  • horsefreak says...
    Peach stamped is in my swaps. Just make a random offer.
    Higgs says...
    Man! That's what I'm doing too! And attending to commissions, but mostly egg hunting. I think it's the only time people ever bother to come online here any more, haha!
    Higgs says...
    oh man, that'super cool! How's that going for ya? You're hella inspirational my dude. I hope ya final stretch goes well for you. I'm doing okay! Commissions, work and dogs! Mostly, at least!! I'm a boring old dude now!
    Higgs says...
    omg LEXI! How are you?? It feels like ages holy hell!
    horsefreak says...
    Thanks!!! :D