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    I'm hoarding Orange Cola
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    My sister is Saria ! She uses my iPad to go on ver, and she edits my profile from time to time. Please don't ban us!
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    Saria says...
    Saria says...
    Pup, you should reply to Leiona. Or else she might give Cynrik another heart attack, kay?
    <br/>Also. Reply to Tricete too. Leppy is a good roleplayer and can teach you something about stuff. Just do it k?
    Saria says...
    So, just to get this right for when I edit things on your profile.
    <br/>Cynrik is going to be a Death, Cry a Candy, Despi a berpunny, Poca a teacup, and Mylee needs her overlay.
    Saria says...
    Saria says...
    Pup, is cry going to be a divine or teacup?
    <br/>Also, I think before I upload anymore overlays I'll help you with Myles's.
    Saria says...
    Saria says...
    Just tell me what pet it's on.
    Saria says...
    I can't copy links on my nook, pup. You know that.
    Saria says...
    *headdesk* seriously? XD
    Saria says...
    I'll steal your iPad later to fix it.
  • Goals
    Get a Gongong egg[x]. Hatch a male Gongong[x]. Raise Domenik[x]. Turn Domenik green[x].
    Make Crystar a candy[]. Make Cynrik a death[]. Make Pocahontas a teacup[]. Make Despoina a berpunny(20/100)[].
    Get a teacup Felione[]. Get a teacup Yonika[x]. Get a teacup Floffe[].
    Get a divine Berpunny?[]. Get a divine Oplei[x]. Get a divine Treillen[].
    Get an Xaydir egg[]. Hatch an Xaydir[]. Raise an Xaydir[]. Turn Xaydir into a nightflower[].
    Get an Easter Berpunny?[].
    Train Cynrik to 75 in all stats[].