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    i'm 25 and what is this

  • Blah, blah, blah...
    mabibba says...
    Ugh, really sorry with how long it's taking for me to reply. ;~;
    <br/>School has chucked assignments that are all required to be handed in the same week so it's sapped my muse.
    <br/>As soon as I get it back I'll reply though!
    mabibba says...
    I saved our roleplay in notepad, just in case the new system replaces the old before you have time to reply. C:
    Courdon says...
    n_______n Alright. I'll start. x3
    Courdon says...
    Hmmm... Well Deluge loves going to the beach. x3 Beach setting?
    Courdon says...
    Hmmm.... I prefer human. That sound good? x3
    Courdon says...
    n________n Awesome. Oh and in case you didn't notice... I use smilies... A lot. XD
    <br/>So... Wanna setting/plot etc?
    Courdon says...
    n_______n Awesome. x3 Windsong sounds pretty cool. =] Mind if I use Deluge? She's my water elemental.
    Courdon says...
    Hey! 3 Your art. x3 Sometime we should roleplay. x3
    <br/>I have more pets than you can see. xD I'm just hiding them. Let me know and I'll show you a few of them. x3
    mabibba says...
    Yaaay~ If you want any more info, I'd be glad to give some more. :3
    mabibba says...
    Awesome~ Uhm, if you like you could have a look at my pets~ Not all of them are up under the pet tab on my profile, but maybe some of them would be interesting?
    mabibba says...
    Ooh uhm, maybe you would like to roleplay sometime? 8D;;
    mabibba says...
    Your pets intrigue me~ C:
    <br/>Also your art is adorable~ ♥
    Soniaa_46 says...
    fhiaCnslifn you get 50k because I feel generous.
    <br/>and some of the people are having issues for getting VP nowadays
    Soniaa_46 says...
    baw, she looks adorable!
    <br/>how much for it?
    OwlLove says...
    Okay. -waits-
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