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    Yeah so I gotta talk about myself ok. I love chocolate and pizza. Dogs and cats are my favorite animals. I have a brother who's 8 and a sister who's 14. I like hanging out with my friends and I love the manga series Fruits Basket. (I know. I know. Pretty girly, right?) I love all things Rune Factory so yeah. I'm a terrible artist but I still like painting. I HATE people who bully other people and I will yell at you if you do. I'm fed up with older kids on this website that are picking on younger kids. You know what, you're 16 and you have no friends offline so you are a loser who spends all their time talking to a bunch of little kids and making them feel bad. You're a loser get a life. I'm sorry that sentence had really bad grammar. I'm pretty nerdy but I'm a whole lot of fun.(Just ask RuneFactoryFan921) A lot of people at school think I'm strange (and no not strange like creepy) and I'm proud of that. So, I'm not an easy kid to pick on. ROCK ON!