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    Hello, you can call me Middy (or melgoa) whichever you prefer. I am on almost daily stalking random things on verpets. I love writing and reading (reading is a bit better only because it requires less effort from me xp) and I am currently trying to write stories for most of my pets. I have yet to roleplay with any of them but I have roleplayed in the past and I hope to do so again, feel free to comm me if you would like to roleplay with any of my pets. I enjoy messing around with html/css and am getting better at working with it *prods userlook-up*

    Off of verpets I enjoy hanging out with my friends and walking my dog Mercedes (mostly I do both at the same time). I am an avid pokemon, That is pretty much it, comm me if you want to just chat ^^

    Any of the artwork you see of my pets was drawn by my best friend, passthevertigo .


    I love to roleplay mainly with the characters I have created for my pets. I am always looking for new people to roleplay my pets with me, just send a vercomm my way and maybe we can get started.

    Roleplay: OPEN / CLOSED


    [ ] Get an Enchanted Gumdrop

    [ ] Figure out a design for

    [ ] Figure out a design for

    [ ] Complete my verbies collection

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