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  • Malea Chantelle Bryan...

    Hey. My name is Malea, what's yours?

    • I wasn't born with a filter
    • I love people
    • Music has been a saving grace in my life
    • Nail polish and hair dye = love
    • Jesus is my best friend
    • I'm naturally a blonde
    • Nineteen, Senior in college
    • Engaged to my best friend, Adam <3
    • I like to pretend I can write
    • Color and glitter are my life
    • SEN10R
    • Call me Malea, Mallie, Lea, or anything nice.
    • Linguistic and Cultural Studies major
    • Farm girl and proud
    • My family, friends, and Jesus are why I'm alive
    • I stalk the roleplay boards
    • Born in Ohio, raised in Washington
    • Shopping is cool
    • The choir room is my second home
    • Vegetarian/Flexitarian
    • I really do want world peace
    • Animals are my friends
    • I forego coffee in favor of tea
    • I hate chocolate
    • I love life

    I'm pretty cool and you're super duper cool.

    So let's talk. (((:

  • Hey bro...
    Perfectly_Flawed says...
    Yep yep. :-)
    Perfectly_Flawed says...
    Yep. You're on my friends list.
    Perfectly_Flawed says...
    Friend request should be sent.
    <br/>Wow.... I've gotten a few really good offers from a couple of different school, but I'm in Arizona and the schools that have contacted me are all the way in like California, Minnesota far away place.... and I'm not sure I can leave my mom home like that. V_V
    Perfectly_Flawed says...
    Yep, that was me. I'll try and friend you though to see if it makes a difference. XD
    <br/>I'm visually impaired, one would think there are LOADS of grants out there that could help me out... yeah not so much... when I was in school I was a good student, my grades hardly ever dropped bellow a C in high school... I ended up dropping out because all the stress I was under with bullying, teachers not doing their job and problems at home. V_V Now it's just a pain to do anything... I'm not even allowed to work. D:
    <br/>All I have to say about all the stuff you did and only got -maybe- $1500 is YIKES! That's ridiculous. V_V
    Perfectly_Flawed says...
    Hmmm odd... I haven't gotten a notification on it or anything. Was the name attached to the ID Spit_Fire?
    <br/>Quite frankly, it does kinda make me sad... but by the same token it makes me thankfull that I don't have overy selfish people constantly in my life... See my house hold -and those closest to me- are the type of people who would willingly give you the shirt off our back if you needed it. So having someone around all the time to just take and take and take is not exactly a good thing. V_V
    <br/>No, I'm not in school right now. I got my GED at the end of 2010, and have been searching high and low for grants ever since.
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  • Author's Note...

    All of my pets are available for roleplay. Information is on their pages, though most are still in the works. Vercomm me if interested in roleplaying with them. Or just in general.

    Because I do that too.

  • Wake up in the morning...


    First post of the new year! Anyways, my hiatus didn't work out too well. Actually, I'm still sort of on a hiatus. As of winter quarter 2012 I am now officially a Senior at my university. Which means I get to start doing all the yummy graduation steps and getting my study abroad stuff figured out and where I'm going to end up next. It's a really stressful, very busy time, especially since I'm STILL working three jobs. Life as an adult is just great.


    Well, I've decided to take a hiatus from Ver. My life is just absolute pandemonium right now. What with classes, preparing to graduate from college, trying to plan out a wedding, future plans with my fiancee, moving, working, and all the other crazy stuff that has been going on in my life, I just need to take a break from everything for awhile and really focus on schoolwork. For all the people I'm currently involved in roleplays with, whether here or through some other outlet, I'm so sorry!! If you have my e-mail we can try to continue something. But, since I'm absolutely horrible about checking my e-mail, it probably will be awhile in between responses. I'm just so busy with life, otherwise I wouldn't be a drop-out jerk like this. So sorry everyone!! You are all great!!


    BLAHBLAHBLAH school started. BLAHBLAHBLAH taking eighteen credits sucks. BLAHBLAHBLAH had my birthday. BLAHBLAHBLAH found a third job. BLAHBLAHBLAH gas needs to stop being so expensive. BLAHBLAHBLAH I can't wait for winter break. BLAHBLAHBLAH bought myself three months worth of apple cider and six months worth of holiday scented candles. BLAHBLAHBLAH this is the life of a college student.