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    Take some VPs for yourselves!
    Go ahead my dudes!

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    Jakadelle Corven.
    Crow + Gryphon.
    Ver-Artist since 2008.

    Commissions: CLOSED.

    "Moonquest: An Epic Journey" by The Yogscast

    ( Click on the Video to Start and Pause. Video loops. )
    ( Restarting from the middle? Hit number 0 on keyboard. )
    ( Hit F on keyboard for Fullscreen. Esc to exit. )

    FurAffinity / Weasyl
    Main Tumblr / Art Tumblr

    Looking for my Verbies?
    Just head over here!

    madjackdaw [at] gmail [dot] com

    Background Credit/Source

    Not all my pets are here.
    But I'll put them all up when I see fit guys.

    Ajesteve / Mardeki / Kyrilthane

    Rhapsodie / Sepulchre / Bonabec

    Braeburns / Josiah / Biscuit

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    Katie says...
    Whenever you're online, I always find myself on your profile, watching your video. It's just so catchy!!!
    Cherrii says...
    Katie says...
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    Titania says...
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