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    I'm watch. Returning from hiatus.
    I like to read through the forums and answer what I can because I enjoy helping people ^^ You may see me online a lot but I most likely have like five things going on so that's why I may not answer right away if you contact me. I would do art if anyone requested it of me but I don't really have examples and they probably wouldn't matter anyway because I don't really have a set style. Plus, I haven't really done anything in a while. I love music from the 90s, pancakes and manga. If there's anything you need feel free to contact ;)

    Divine Geonlian -need feather
    Teacup Geonlian -Completed 4/9/16
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    Airflower8 says...
    Catfish says...
    If anyone with a CI changes their name and wants their CIs updated, they can just give me a poke, yes.
    <br/>As far as MY CIs go... I'll change them when I can be bothered. xP So in a few months/years/never.
    Zhen says...
    thanks, i was able to get it. i'll just release candiru if i still have him when it's about to hatch.