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  • kyarabox
    Fausto Fernsby- The drunken superstar.
    Shane Lane- Grungy hippy with his head in the nineties.
    William Lowsley- Broadway cowboy mescaline man.
    Lisette Laroche- Lovely lady, nasty attitude.
    Callum Jacobs- The king of narcissistic teenagers.
    Forest Brandt- Always looking for a place to hide.
    The Wakaitcu- The wind that blows through the trees.
  • word up

    h e l l o ~
    my name is kenjii. i'm a big dumb loser. pretty cool!

    i do some things. like role playing, drawing, and taking up space. mostly the last one!
    i am neutrois. i go by female pronouns but prefer not to be called "a girl".
    art commissions are open. comm me!

    find me at tikkilala.deviantart.com

  • hey bruzza
    Expressive says...
    I also just read about neutrois and my mind is full of.. well, ya'know. :D I am learning so much today it is unreal and awesome.
    Expressive says...
    I dig your pole-dancing rabbit.
    Teacake says...
    Teacake says...
    Teacake says...
    Don't you worry okay? ;u; But you can text me if you want?~ Uhh if you still can. I lost everyone's # cuz my phone broke and I got a new one... :I BUT ANYWAY. ILU OKAY. Don't worry about meeee! *snug*