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    Things to finish:
      pavsta custom item
      Pet profiles
      Halloween Items
      Avoiding Pandemic.. Strike!
      Trung Sisters painting *3*
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    ello ello!
    Helloo i'm Leah. 
    drop me a mail anytime for help or chat. 
    Ive been a staff artist on verpets since June 2009. Had to leave the team
     but cant wait to finish college and come back <3 Love you guys!♥.
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    Sif says...
    Holy taco sauce Batman!
    <br/>You're online. ouo~
    <br/>We never really ever talked before. XD; But it's nice to see you online.
    Cella says...
    LEAHHHHHHH ♥ whats up gurl i missed uuuu
    Yuiko says...
    It's a fellow 'Yu'!
    Rosesilia says...
    sry to bother u but i wanted to know how you put your pets like that?
    Call_Me_Aniee says...
    Could you draw Yamir and sitting next to each other?
    momo says...
    ah, I'd say the same, but things have eased up a little. it's all good (:
    momo says...
    ouch. I'm sorry to hear that. D: I hope things look up/ you feel better soon!
    momo says...
    how've you been? it's nice to see you c:
    momo says...
    owo hey there
    Franco says...
    Hehe xD When it's done just vermail me the link and ill take it from there ;)