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  • Under major renovation
    Recently signed back in after years of absence.

    Plan on giving my Pets a much, much needed update. Slowly but surely adding art to each of my pets profiles, as well as tidying up / changing their information. For now all pets will be drawn feral.

    All "Tekken fan pets" will be excluded in the update, and their own profiles will be left imageless. I no longer desire to do anything with them as they were and still are just mere Tekken-related pets. I'm limited with what I can do with them art/roleplay-wise.

    I've moved on from them anyway, and plan on keeping my attention focused on improving my own characters. Aibou and Marill, however, are included in the art-update because they are my Pokemon Ruby game's Pikachu and Marill.

    They have their own designs, plus there are countless Pikachu and Marill in the Pokemon world, therefor I'm not limited to just one; even though they're still fan pets, I'm still free to make up my own characters.

    Now that I've improved art / roleplay-wise, I hope to eventually upgrade all my babies to how I see them in my head~ No longer left abandoned, but with improved art, and profile information that fits them.
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    VampireThief says...
    I'm surprised I remembered this site, of all places. Hope you've been well as of late :>
    Pablo says...
    Aw, awesome! :)
    Kriksiits says...
    Heh I see ^^ ctually same here, I had absolutely forgotten this place exists >< There's not much on this site to keep people's attention tbh but oh well ><