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    Nightcrawler says...
    Hey! It's been a while, how are you?
    Shade_Alucard says...
    Renaissance says...
    Psst. So what's the Roleplay.me thing?
    Ravette says...
    It's just if you're gonna do long replies do it in the first one because I never know if you're gonna send another.
    Ravette says...
    Why? And how come you only do it when I haven't replied for a bit?
    Ravette says...
    Why do you always send another reply if I don't reply for a bit?
    Renaissance says...
    Psst, I saw you and Syl had some stuff up on the sb, so I copied it before letting the sb eat it. Do you want or need the posts?
    Sylvre says...
    Any fish?
    Sylvre says...
    Ravette says...
    I'm working on a reply ow give me some time.
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