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    WE DOOO! ;__;
    Let me drop you a vercomm!
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    "Change Your Life (feat. T.I.)" by Iggy Azalea
    "Strangers (feat. Tove Lo)" by Seven Lions
    "Bridges" by Broods
    "Excuse My Rude (feat. Becky G)" by Jessie J
    "Surrender" by Digital Daggers
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    Your new single? I missed it.
    My username is a little bit telling when it comes to my character. I'm a 23 year old girl named Indi, who loves her rightfully earned nickname 'Tiny Rage'. Music is my lifeblood (pop, rap, hip-hop, and edm primarily) and I utilize pretty much every creative outlet available. I like girls a whole, whole lot. I'm the gayest(ish). I live and breathe Demi Lovato, and I physically can not look at Shay Mitchell or Rita Ora for too long without getting emotionally gay. If there are two (celebrity) girls that spend a lot of time together, I probably ship them. For your safety and mine, this is a Katy Perry free zone.
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    To do list: - Remains [ Design / Profile ] - Tessellate [ Design/ Profile ] - Venomous [ Design / Profile ] - Sina [ Design / Profile ]