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      .           •          .            ☆        ..            ★         .

    Reinterpret = 1500 VC

    Yay. Finally have a toyhouse!

    also trying FlightRising. It's beyond grindy + no where near as customizable as Verpets, but the dragons are cute. I'm Aristene in Fire Flight over there.

    .            ★            .             •           .            ☆        ..           •  

  • Goals

      Designs for everyone
      Real profiles for everyone...
      Custom Overlay for []Helba...and everyone else
      All Totem Pieces [X] Nanna [X] Downfall
      2 UTs: [X]Mondegreen, []Fickle
      1 FoD: [X]Silke
      1 VSs: [X]Helba
      2 SoDs: []Labyrinthine, []Foible, []Downfall
      1 Species Extractor: [X]Foolish
      1 Stardust: [X]Mondegreen
      1 Super Pudding: [X]Gatekeeper
    [] Send Salome through the viral backroom until something amazing happens.
      Complete Wardrobe Collection: [553/557]
      To be a Verpets Artist! Especially for fashion items.

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    Lightning OrbMemoria EggSpooky Chews
    Clothing Collection
    Cloak of the Stars Cold Shoulder Jacket Light-Up Sweater Plastic Sukrus Ring

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    feel free to chat! ❤
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    Porcelain says...
    Thank you for the essence of white ; w ;
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    STAFF - Gl00my_Ghost , Elitist_Neckbeard and purpledaisy13 are my family. I use Ver on different computers and my phone.

    Font: Toril by Pixel Sagas
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    Candlewick, Charlatan, Clarvoyant, Coin, Comeback, Deceitful, Devote, Dumped, Excommunicate, Harbinger, Foible, Follower, Foreigner, Goner, Jeer, Jerk, Liche, Mindslave, Otherworldly, Refrain, Rejection, Rhinestone, Shenanigan, Testament, Trace, Transparency, Unworldly, Uprooted, Versace, Whim