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    Joined: January 11th 2009.
    Re-born: January 3rd 2010.

    ♪♫ Listening to:
    All sorts.
    Mood: Anxious.
    ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ Outlaw.

    'Most people think of themselves as individuals,
    that there's no-one on the planet like them.
    This thought motivates them to get out of bed,
    eat food, and walk around like nothing's wrong.'


    I'm Ukkes, Ukkey, Pukker-Bun whatever realy! I'm a crafter, illustraitor, gamer, nail technician and magic maker.
    I drink coffe, tea, kia ora and eat cake.
    I like films, games, stationary and Ryan <3
    I make profiles, draw pets and lurk, ask me about anything you wanna know :3

    I'm currently trying to get back into my characters as a muse, also giving some of my pretties away :3


    430 / 2251 FbP
    Enchanted Gumdrop 0/1
    Name Changer 0/2
    Colour Extractor 0/1
    OVERLAY x 5

    - I use an I-pad this will travel around the world with me. Alot of moving about as I become more involved in my digital art.

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    Sin says...
    I am on discord sometimes uwu Birdboy #6475
    Blondie says...
    Ferbie says...
    I’ll vercomm you ^-^
    Ferbie says...
    Also! Kikimo made a verpets discord server and a bunch of us are on it like jak, heru, night, exile, me and big handful of others, would you like the invite? o3o
    Ferbie says...
    Ohhh, that sounds like fun!! Have you posted any of it anywhere? o:

    Any plans to stick around ver? :D

    Are you still looking to rehome some of them? o: I’d love to free up some space and then you could get fresh characters that could spark your muse more!
    Heru says...
    haha, so many of us did! But have seen a lot of familiar faces this month! It's super nice and nostalgic!

    Heru says...
    I'm okay! Recently got back into Ver, so hopefully this time I wont just up and leave without a word!
    How have you been?
    Heru says...
    Ferbie says...
    Hey! I don’t know when you put it up but I noticed you mentioned you’re selling some of your pets? o3o Also that you’re looking for muse which I could help give you some ideas for goals and such if you’d like!
    Sin says...
    I'm also not very active lately but I wish I were. It's like, how many years ago we chatted? :')
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