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    Hey everyone!! I am back! Sorry I was gone for so long, I had some family issues and such. But I'm back and better than ever.
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    1. Get User Facial Cream and change my name to She-Wolf

    2. Become Elite for at least a month

    3. Get a Death Kaikou
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    Tonxzz loves Volcaloids.
    Gender Female
    Books Read 16
    Health max 12
    Strength 7
    Defence 15
    Speed 12
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    I Am Feeling...: Like a pokemon freak!!!!

    I just did...: Played Sonic the Hedgehog and threw a fit because it's SO F***ing HARD!!!(*u*)

    Date: 12/15/2011
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    I wanna give a special thanks to Sylvre , Daisy98 , and deathwolf Cristina JumpyJumper
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  • EPIC comments ONLY!!!!
    Z says...
    No you need pudding for that :P
    Renaissance says...
    Nevermind, this wont be sorted out by having other people do one's bidding. Thanks anyways
    Renaissance says...
    Hey, Tonxzz. I'm sorry if this is kind of random, but could you please ask Dark why she is ignoring me? =(
    Piblaf says...
    Hey Tonxzz, you're not ignoring me too right?