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    (as per usual)

    Current Quest:
    1,743 / 2,500
    [ Username Facial Cream ]

    • • •
    Shop Deed x1
    Pet Slot Keyring x2
    Pet Name Lipstick xOOF
    Flowers for Memoria

    Many thanks to everyone who's helped me toward my VC
    goals by either buying my overlays in the Art Market or
    tossing spare VC around at the Rocket Game Corner.

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  • - About Me -
    I like video games
    I basically live in the trashcan
    I did some overlays once upon a time.


    Feel free to message me for whatever.

    Fair warning- I do kinda sorta forget
    about this site from time to time.

    Sorry for the delay, if so.
    I'm more consistent on Discord.


    Feel free to add me!