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    Here's a little about me:

    -Obsessions: Anime and Books; Video Games: Skyrim/ESO, Assassin's Creed, Pokemon.

    My birthday is October 8th, 1996. I currently live with my fiance', and don't tend to log in very often due to real life.

  • Exile says...
    oh my gosh I DO!
    It's so good to see you! How have you been? Do you frequent any other places or do you have a discord? I'd love to keep in touch!
    Calamity says...
    if i read stuff back then i’d probably cringe because...i didn’t know how to write lmao

    and nah, you’d probably be fine. writing is a skill i don’t think ever goes away.
    Calamity says...
    yes of course! you introduced me to rping and depth and tbh i sucked back then but it was awesome practice lmaooo

    zoie was my first character and she’s the only character that’s stuck with me this long and you rly helped me mold her, so ofc you have an impact. and we were rly good friends back then, and i’d like to think we still are, even tho it’s been so damn long. c: good times for sure.

    hope i’m not keeping you up pfft