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  • Hello I'm Airflower8 's wife be quick about it
  • Hi, I'm Phen c:
    I like: The colors black, white, red, and blue, illustration, asian candies and snacks, cyberpunk themes, dark music, R&B, blood & gore, dark roast coffee, insects, web development, intelligent people

    I dislike: Straight milk, squeamish/overly-sensitive people, fashion trends, girly clothes, the color pink (unless it's in FOOD), schoolwork, driving, children, irresponsible project members

    I'm scared of: Dark rooms, loud/sharp noises, emetaphobia, driving, my responsibilities, intelligent people
  • Goals
    • Obtain a Bastille, create a design, and draw a CI
    • Obtain a design a verbie pet
    • Obtain PNL for all pets
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    Phen is...

    Last seen 11 days 21 hours 21 minutes 19 seconds ago!
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  • The Soldier
    Persecuted cleans blood off his blades
    Gender Male
    Books Read 692
    Health max 830
    Strength 804
    Defence 887
    Speed 810
  • The Brothers
    Jakane thinks Kane and Jak should get along better...
    Gender Male
    Books Read 15
    Health max 50
    Strength 62
    Defence 96
    Speed 63
  • A Soldier-in-Training
    Module not yet customised correctly
  • Hi
    Airflower8 says...
    hewwo, could you add me to your likes list? (pls?)
    Leptonyx says...
    It has been quite a long time, simply checking out to see if Ver is still an addy on the net.
    Airflower8 says...
    eeeeee i love you ((:
    Airflower8 says...
    *kisses u n runs*
    Airflower8 says...
    *holds up a teddy bear* this is my son harford. let us force our children to bond