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    i play lots of games and watch lots of stuff here are some lists!!

    i play
    zelda games, .hack// games, AC games, GW2, FF14, ACNL, PKMN X, lots of other rpg & action games, sometimes i play stuff like portal/l4d/tf2/borderlands with my irl friends !!

    i watch
    elementary, teen wolf, sherlock, modern family, community, breaky bad, jojo's bizarre adventure, oofuri, ao no exorcist, other animes

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    LightBlueBlaze says...
    Hello! Just stopped by to say that your avatar is fabulous :D
    Nightcrawler says...
    I remember you! Hey!
    Phoenix says...
    :T Engineer has such a cool overlay idk why I never saw this before.
    Ambrose says...
    <br/>Go away, I'm watching TV.
    yuri says...
    that was a super long time ago~
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