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    I am Nobody, a seeker of crows
    and chaser of great lepidoptera.
    I will take my own odyssey, for
    I belong anywhere and nowhere.

    My name is Hazard.
    I doodle.
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    Nobody has currently been afflicted with a minor bug, and is recovering with sleep and soup.
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    Pet Overlay - Michael [x3]
    * Progress: Sketching

    June Items - Verpets [x12]
    * Progress: Sketching

    Art Trade - Doom [x12]
    * Progress: On Hold
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    Beth says...
    Ravette says...
    Hai Nobody!!
    Teacake says...
    I hope you feel better ;___;
    <br/>And congrats on being an artist! Sorry I didn't come say hello earlier. D: /BIG LOSER
    Exile says...
    Congrats on the art positionnn~ Its great to have you on the team! *w*
    Ambrose says...
    I looooove your username ^^
    Ravette says...
    *sits on profile*