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    You walk up to the ancient house wary of any noises that you hear. Just as you are about to knock, you notice that the door is ajar. Thinking that no one lives in the old house, you push the door open and are instantly hit with the musky odor that accumulates in older houses. A flash of movement catches your eye as you close the door behind you. Quickly stepping back, you knock over a lamp, making it crash onto the wooden floorboards. To you, the crash sounds like a time bomb going off. You hesitantly freeze, keeping a lookout for movement, expecting something to jump out at you. After a few minutes you catch your breath and look ahead, seeing something glistening in the dusky gloom. You come closer to the odd object, and the smell of rotten meat becomes stronger with each step. When you finally arrive at the glistening lump, you look down at and step back in surprise. What you see couldn't have been what you thought it was. There on the floor was a skull unlike anything you've ever seen. The skull, which still has tufts of fur attached to it, has only one eye and wears a malicious smile. You bend down to look at it a little more closely before it blinks its single eye at you. You let out a startled scream and run back for the door. You realize it's too late as a tall dark skinned figure steps out of the darkness. He is dressed neatly in a complete white suit, and looks almost normal—if you ignore his wicked smile. As the finely dressed man steps into the light you can clearly see the blood splattered all over his suit. You step back, only to feel hot breath on your neck. You dare to turn around, and see the gruesome skull you had screamed at earlier, attached to an equally grotesque body. You cringe in fear as the gentleman pulls out a charred black sword from inside of his suit jacket. He stops within three feet of you and begins to chuckle softly. He stares at you, his piecing red eyes seeming to pierce your very soul. He quickly flicks his wrist, bringing the long sword within an inch of your throat.

    "Hello there. It seems that you have invaded my humble home. I’m Modulation and my pet there," the man points to the grotesque creature behind you, "is Demise. I don't care who you are or why you're here, seeing as it won't matter anyway." You gulp in fear as the "gentleman" walks away from you, but you'll never forget his last words as you feel sharp teeth shatter your shoulder blade, "I knew you were here, from the moment you stepped foot in my humble home. I watched you defile it with your screaming, so now you will pay for your actions with your life!" Watching the man disappear, you scream as you feel teeth ripping into your flesh as the horrendous beast eats you alive!
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    MarchHare says...
    Awesome, congratulations! He look great!
    Shadow_Wolf says...
    You don't? xD Well that's disappointing lol haha
    Shadow_Wolf says...
    Do you get money from the sales? XD
    Shadow_Wolf says...
    Ah! I got one! ;o; *is happy* xD You most certainly do o_o for it to come out ever so often its hard to keep track of xD
    Shadow_Wolf says...
    Sadly it doesn't :/ I've been checking the shop quite often and because it's not stocking up I end up buying something there xD
    Shadow_Wolf says...
    I do too! Which is why I want more of them to equip to all my pets XD That and the sunburst halberds because I infinitely love them xD
    Shadow_Wolf says...
    I know! D: I used it in the coliseum and before I knew it, it breaks! ;o; But it did help me win the battle haha XD
    Shadow_Wolf says...
    Finally bought the weapon! *flails happily* xD
    jakdacrowe says...
    Heheh. Any chance I could see your doodle for the Death Panju? :'D
    jakdacrowe says...
    Custom Overlay. You'd have to be staff to do a revamp.