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    I don't take random friend requests. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. And I don't roleplay.

    I'm usually lurking in the shoutbox when I'm online. And I'm always buying VC and plushies for my collection! Please vercomm me if you're selling either one! I also buy Collection Completer Tokens, only Medium and above please!
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    Cuisine Collection 2 / 1,225 [view]
    Clothing Collection 0 / 557 [view]
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    Greenhouse 39 / 231 [view]
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    Shame says...
    Yeah, I'm still hoping to get Haven whenever the account is released.
    Shame says...
    I was staring at the unfamiliar UN in my friends list for a while before I thought to hover over it x3
    Shame says...
    I totally didnt realize you were Snowhibiscus xD
    Shame says...
    Thank you so much!
    Anubi says...
    No problem ^u^
    Anubi says...
    Thanks~ i've got a few now though so i figured you could have it :3
    Revelation says...
    thank you very much i do appreciate it ! i hope you get many good grabs and can fill your basket up !!
    Revelation says...
    you are very welcome, and it was ! it is the first I have seen of the new eggs so you did a great job !!
    Revelation says...
    nice egg grab !!