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    Hannibal says...
    D: Ajfdklsjfs why haven't you been online in so longggg?
    Ravette says...
    Piblaf says...
    no, i'm sorry for buggin' you
    Piblaf says...
    do you still have that female baby zygo?
    momo says...
    I'm sorry if I don't respond for some time. Things always seem to pop up when I pick up rps again.. Ichi will get back to you, Viana, asap. :c
    Demon says...
    I'm a purttaayyyy Froslass. -chews on-
    Moose says...
    sure! c:
    Moose says...
    I've got a link from youtube~ c:
    Malt says...
    That's fine with me. c: Listen, I have to run and grab some lunch, but I should be back later this evening. Why don't you just pick one of your pets and get started?
    Malt says...
    If you have any questions about any of them that don't have profiles, let me know! :)