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  • The idiot, and who he is.
    Dark Dreams Cover I'm Infernalbird, as you can tell, I have set my talons on this site. Thats right. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! I'll work on this more soon.

    I wanna be on the Axis Of Evil Doers!

    "Only those with the freshest, most succulent livers will be saved.." -Raptor Jesus

    According to sources, I am a Star child, an alien hybrid, a inhumane monster!!! I come in peace!!!

  • Ha ha! I beat you at this!

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  • I'm too shy for this..
    I see other people dating online, So I'll take a shot at this, I'm a shy 16 year old male who thinks he is a bird, Creative, secretly intelligent, but acts a fool online. Don't expect immediate responses, I'm SHY.
  • Don't click!
    You'll unleash the devil himself if you click the link! Don't click!! ◕__◕ Please?
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    Makay1000 says...
    "Hey bird."Smiles and waves at him
    Expressive says...
    Carlsbabe on here is Indignant.
    Rowan says...
    Yeah, I worded that rather poorly, and I didn't realize this was about those kind of issues, I thought you were referring to the point in time when you got ignored about a different prospect.
    Rowan says...
    It's the shoutbox, the sb usually doesn't care about your problems. For this I am sorry. :c
    Expressive says...
    She did get a ban hammer, surely. But she just kept coming back on proxies time and time again for lulz.
    <br/>Yeah, sup. It's Kaz.
    Expressive says...
    -blink- Birdboy? Really? Huh. Also, Indignant never left. She just got behind a proxy and a new username. Several times. c:
    bluebird says...
    the birdy family *snap* *snap*
    bluebird says...
    Squak*its a bird family
    Jack says...
    xD I'm sorry.
    <br/>I just got rid of the rick roll thing, though. c: There are plenty of better, more awesome rick roll thingies out there to rick roll people with~ -shot-
    Jack says...
    YOUR MUSIC is the awesome. c:
    <br/>.. Just felt like telling you that. xD