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    I do love me some pokemon~ <3
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    Sif says...
    That's good to hear. c: Oh, you'll get used to it soon enough! If you need help, feel free to ask.
    <br/>Thank you. *u* I love Nico Vega!
    Sif says...
    Hey Angel. ;w; It's been such a long time, how are you?
    xgaarax401 says...
    Ha ha, thanks XD
    xgaarax401 says...
    Thank you lol, I've been here for over a year but thanks for the welcome :3
    xgaarax401 says...
    You're welcome 8D Thanks for the gift. I appreciate it 3
    Exile says...
    bawww, thank youuu~ *nuzzle*
    Exile says...
    you are to nice to meeeee ;__;
    Exile says...
    asldflsdf youuuu, you use such kind words with me - i don't deserve them ;__;
    Exile says...
    eeee i'm glad you think sooooo ;w; 8squeals and clings toooo*
    Exile says...
    OH YOUUUU ;u; *clinglattttchhhh*