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    I do love me some pokemon~ <3
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    MarchHare says...
    There are several users that would like to help run the site and try to bring it back to life, sadly no one has the power to do so.
    We can still enjoy what we have.
    MarchHare says...
    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a lot of enthusiasm from the owners right now. I wish there was.
    MarchHare says...
    Sadly,I think this site is on autopilot.
    MysticalVamp says...
    A tiny bit better, thank you <3 I've completely lost my sense of smell and my sense of taste is very limited, overall I hurt and ache, but it's slowly getting better.
    Sif says...
    That's good to hear. c: Oh, you'll get used to it soon enough! If you need help, feel free to ask.
    <br/>Thank you. *u* I love Nico Vega!
    Sif says...
    Hey Angel. ;w; It's been such a long time, how are you?
    xgaarax401 says...
    Ha ha, thanks XD
    xgaarax401 says...
    Thank you lol, I've been here for over a year but thanks for the welcome :3
    xgaarax401 says...
    You're welcome 8D Thanks for the gift. I appreciate it 3
    Exile says...
    bawww, thank youuu~ *nuzzle*