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    Catfish says...
    WE DO. I miss you, Franny. ;n; *touches*
    January says...
    Ohhay, would you be interested in haggling the price of your Earl Gray Tea in your shop? 8D
    Yuu says...
    i miss franny
    Phoenixy says...
    Hawke says...
    /wuvs ur profile
    da_snoop_lion says...
    Thank GOD you are online! -points to main room SB-
    Enchantix says...
    -drags you to the main sb- words cannot explain what is happening.
    Ivory says...
    Oh okay, thanks (: I found another song that also fit my profile, so it's all good ^^
    Ivory says...
    Hey! Sorry, I've got a question xD I want to put the song Not Afraid by Eminem on my profile, but there is no clean version, and it's pretty explicit. Is it okay to put that song on, if I have a warning, or is it too explicit?
    Buki says...
    /super stalk