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    You have entered Flower's lair. Beware.

    The coding for this profile was made by Wolfyn and xDemonCatx helped me put it up.

    Note to staff: Slash is my brother. We share a computer from time to time.

  • WIP.

  • My pets now have characters, but I am challenged when it comes to making profiles for them.

  • Contacts (email, AIM screen name, etc.) would go here for people to stalk see.

  • Malt says...
    Airflower8 says...
    Oh, thank you!
    <br/>/pokes you, then pulls out a.. celery stick ?/
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  • Here you write about friends.
    And how amazing and magical I am. /pose

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    Usually a link back to the main Ver page is put here, like the above.

    With ♥, Lexi~