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  • Get away creepers. >:C

  • Updates on *ridiculous* Life
    Verpets: The Musical
    <center><u>Act 1, Scene 1</u></center>
    <i>curtain opens to reveal an individual with a blank expression sitting on a chair <p>***cue music score 1</i>
    <b>Joe_ / Narrator</b>: <i>(sung)</i>...

    The Adventures of a Misfit Kitten Lover
    You are wandering through the streets of Blackfoot, Idaho as you start to get the feeling that someone is following you. You look back, but no one is there. Still, you quicken your pace. Now you're ge...

    Skittles and Schizophrenia
    This be the blog of a schizophrenic teenager, aka Distraction. And today my mother forgot to refill me medications for said ailment. SO... I be seein' trippy stuff and be typin' all strange-like. It's...

  • Comments? Mayhaps.
    kerrie123 says...
    i had one on verpets and i did nothing ok nothing really bad
    kerrie123 says...
    the warning wow
    Demon says...
    atomicfuzzball says...
    Ah. I thought you quit. Good to see you around again. ^.^
    atomicfuzzball says...
    Hey! Been a while! What's up?
    Rowan says...
    Rowan says...
    I have not seen it.
    <br/>But it just looks like a live-action version of a movie I saw a few years ago.
    Rowan says...
    So I entirely forgot the conversation we were having.
    <br/>Time for a new one.
    Rowan says...
    Haha. I can't favor letters, they're all the same.
    <br/>I don't know either, but he's like a bloody roach. He just wont die.
    <br/>She's got a smile marking on her face, too. They were last mintue additions hurdydurdy.
    <br/>I donno. i don't count. 61 counting shelter pets, I think. I haven't bought a psk in a while.
    <br/>That's how you hold a conversation online. Paragraph per subject.
    ashiee says...
    lucky you.