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    This Profile is under construction at the moment haha. Sooo need to make a new one. When it is up then I'll type up my new paragraph for yall about me ^.^ But to make it short, everyone calls me Dark. I'm really easy to get along with and I love to RP. So shoot me a Vercomm or comment on my profile if you want to RP. Or if you don't want to RP with the characters I usually use in the SB I also have Pet Charries Though a few are under construction. But the ones with their characters already made are open for RPs. Well that's all for now, till my new profile is up and working. Until then feel free to ask me whatever ^.^
    Note to staff: I use anything and everything available to get online whenever I can. ^.^
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    GayPride Love isn't bounded by gender.
    Gender Female
    Books Read 23
    Health max 59
    Strength 59
    Defence 56
    Speed 48
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    (I need to type a new wishlist because all you wonderful people helped me get all of the items ^.^ Thank you very much to everyone.)