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    I'm quite polite and approachable if you want to ask me about things like prices of my shop items. I go on hiatus from time to time but rest assured, my pets are not going to rot.

    I do not role play and I don't feel like any of my pets are well trained enough to battle. My pets are always looking for more buddies.

    I can't find a satisfactory list for Verver toys from food so I've started my own blog. Please add any combinations you're sure of in the comments!
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    Ambrose says...
    Come baaaack, we miss you!
    Ambrose says...
    I was wondering if you'd be willing to sell your Trivia Staff for any less than it is in your shop?
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    [_] Train Id 5000+
    [_] Train Android 1000
    [_] Train Brer 400
    [_] Train Crucified to 250
    [_] Train 100
    [_] Kit to Berpunny
    [_] Own a Memoria