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    Porcelain says...
    Big cuddles!!!!
    Porcelain says...
    Hehe now we're watching Kill la Kill and i thought of you and your great cosplay ♡
    I hope you're well!!!
    Porcelain says...
    Oooh im glad we get more clarity ; v ;
    Haha there's more than 2 seasons? I gotta get on that *0*
    Porcelain says...
    Haha we're halfway through, episode 13? We're lost but also love it bc it's so odd. Plus the opening song is nice~
    Porcelain says...
    Max aaaa hi ily also me and the bf are watching Higurashi and im really dumb bc it makes no sense to me WEEPS
    lightningphoenix says...
    What have you been up to?
    lightningphoenix says...
    Been good, how about you?
    lightningphoenix says...
    Long time no talk!
    AdamTheCat says...
    Heru says...
    Sweet! Thanks bud! Now my gallery is slightly more complete!
    Heru says...
    Whatever it is, doesn't have tea in the name it seems, anyway, hah no worries, recently returned here, so completely lost most of the time
    Heru says...
    I need it, I need it now!
    Guess I gotta go searching!
    Thanks bud!
    Heru says... the tea in your avatar an item on Ver?
    Sif says...
    You have some great names. :3
    Teacake says...
    I released a lot of names o: more to come!!! hopefully i can catch you on another site ❤