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    For the most part I only do commissions for real currency now. Information can be found here.

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    Subeta: Sodapop
    FurAffinity: Chimaerok
    Deviantart: Chimaerok
    Aywas: 22354
    Neopets: Chimaerix
    Tumblr: Atramedes/ Chimaerok (art blog)
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    Username Chimaera
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    Last Seen 24th January 2019
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    Heru says...
    Sweet! Thanks bud! Now my gallery is slightly more complete!
    Heru says...
    Whatever it is, doesn't have tea in the name it seems, anyway, hah no worries, recently returned here, so completely lost most of the time
    Heru says...
    I need it, I need it now!
    Guess I gotta go searching!
    Thanks bud!
    Heru says... the tea in your avatar an item on Ver?
    Sif says...
    You have some great names. :3
    Teacake says...
    I released a lot of names o: more to come!!! hopefully i can catch you on another site ❤
    Demon says...
    Well, I hope to see you around more. :)
    Demon says...
    Welcome back. :o
    Ambrose says...
    Do you like mining? I made a mining themed avatar to celebrate the release of the new features.
    Ambrose says...
    Yaaaaaay you're there
    Ambrose says...
    GLaDOS misses Portal
    Ambrose says...
    Come baaaaaaack
    Foxy_Roxy says...
    Would you be willing to let go of Roxanne? owo;;;
    atomicfuzzball says...
    SuuuuuuukruuuuuusrnrnJoin c8<
    Cherrii says...
    You have nice art c: I might request some in the future once I get $ stuff set