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    Makay1000 says...
    Makay1000 says...
    47 days ago o: i hope you come on soon even though it might be a while before i come on again xD
    rocker_fox says...
    Hey, what's crackin' with element?rnIs it even active nowadays?
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    Joined Fortress
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    About Me: I am a stupid ditzy blonde. School is hard for me, it requires a lot of time for me to have good grades. I live life for a guy named Jesus, who died on the cross for all of us even though we didn't deserve it. I am left-handed. I don't like a person who acts one way around one group of people and then totally different around another.

    Birthday: January 31st, 1997
    Age: 15
    What I like: I Like To Roleplay, so you can totally roleplay with me if you want.I enjoy Reading, Volleyball, and Softball, and singing.
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    Status: If he would just talk to me maybe things would bw better..8/05/2013 12:25pm