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    protect trans kids

    if anyone manages to buy the site, please get in touch, i'd love to help

    please scroll down for items i need for collections/avatars

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    new zealand

    collecting is my thing here~ my pets are j chillin' for now

    i collect remudi stickers

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    Shell Collection 138 / 138 [view]
    Cuisine Collection 1,219 / 1,225 [view]
    Clothing Collection 557 / 557 [view]
    Book Shelf 188 / 189 [view]
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    always buying these:

    Medium Collection Completer Token Rare Collection Completer Token
    150k per medium, 200k per rare (or VC equivalent)

    clothes needed:

    Cloak of the Stars

    plushies needed:

    Golden Star Plushie Bellig Plushie

    books needed:

    Book of Winter Winds

    food needed:

    Golden Star Cupcake Irresistible Entree Purple Candy Bar Red Candy Bar Santa Hat Christmas Cookie Blue Candy Bar

    verbies needed:

    Catfish Kisser Stone Muffin Man Pipling Purple Easter Monarch Yellow Easter Monarch Ruby Dande Lion

    flowers/seeds needed:

    Livianas Beloved Flower Livianas Beloved Seed Old Button Patchwork Flower

    weapons needed:

    Already Spiked Volleyball Bitter Crazy Candy Gun Cloak of the Stars Cupid's Harpoon Elegant Diamond Embedded Shield Flaming Sword Golden Star Battle Staff Recycled Elastiknife Relic Spear Serpentine Shantred Sword Shoutbox's Wrath SneakGrabber Sour Crazy Candy Gun Slime Sukraic Crazy Candy Gun Vial of Omur Venom Ancient Bone Sword Jack-O-Bomb Loaded Attack Egg Pumpkin Guts Gun Skull and Bones Club
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    avatars needed/in progress:

    need Red X

    randomly when turning pet Totem

    need SneakGrabber

    need Verpets Photobook Year One

    need Hamster Couple

    need Magical Clover

    need Teoori Bug

    need Summer Fun Watercolors

    need Rainbow Pinata Candies or Rainbow Geonlian Sugar Pinata

    need Oasis Map

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    lightningphoenix says...
    Cherrii says...
    Yep that’s perfect! Enjoy c:
    Cherrii says...
    VP or VC is fine! I’ve put it in swaps. Offer what you feel is best c:
    Cherrii says...
    Do you still need this? Milk Chocolate Covered Egg