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    Still mostly on hiatus.
    Off making movies in the film industry.

    I have an INFJ personality
    I am a pro-life Christian Creationist
    I am an avid artist
    My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings
    I've been on Ver since 2009
    I love Korea. 한국어 할 수 있어요?
    I am ambidextrous
    I am the proud owner of Blue Band
    I love Physics and Biology
    I choreograph dances as a hobby
    I'm pursing cinematography as a career
    My Verpets are: Gravitation, Izuru, Rosa, Sunny, Foreg, and Logic.

    Collect Rubber Duckies
    Unusual Teapot for IzuruKira
    Make "Beast's Shock Reel" Custom Item
    Gravitation's stats up to 300
    Pet Slot Key for firewolves
    [10/10] Gift 10 random users Cash Shop/VC items
    400 Blue Band members
    Pet Slot Key for the coolest person in the world
    Become an Elite User
    Own an Enchanted Gumdrop
    600 Blue Band members
    Upload Custom Image for Gravitation
    Transform Logic into a Death Oplei

    Secret Word Medal
    Secret Word
    "Rain cloud"
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    Heru says...
    lol, did you accidentally copy my entire profile once? Even the text I'd written?
    Peatdog3 says...
    Miss ya, hope things are well :>
    Calamity says...
    Hey BB. It’s lovemeh, just poppin in to say hey and hope you’re alright