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    About Me
    Oh look, you've found my page.

    Well if you're here I suppose I'll tell you a bit about myself.

    -Gaming NERD
    -Anime Trash
    -Cosplay Freak
    -Reading Geek
    -Sleep Addict
    -//All the Fandoms//
    -Non-Denominational Christian Faith
    -Music Lover ♫

    Oh? That wasn't enough info? What more do you want to know? You want to know what to call me? Oh! Well, that's easy.

    I generally go by Dog! That's the adopted name people on Ver gave me. If you want to call me something else feel free, just make sure it's a nickname I'm okay with.

    What you're still here??
    Geez, persistent much? Oh alright fine.

    You want to friend me? Yes. ALWAYS DO THE FRIENDING.

    What's that? Do I roleplay? ALL THE ROLEPLAY! ALL OF IT! What do I rp? And with who? I Rp everything! With anyone ^u^ Just ask ya dweebs. I Rp over pet Profiles, Vercomm, Forums, The like~

    You're STILL here?
    There isn't much more to know
    In fact there isn't anything else!
    Go away now.

    No seriously, there's nothing else.

    **Note to Staff** I use multiple devices to access Ver, including laptops and mobile devices
    [ ] A Memoria
    [ ] An Xaydir
    [ ] A Denmakl
    [ ] Divine Feather
    [ ] Pet Slot Keyring
    My Pets
    My Peeps
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    Username Anubi
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