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1) Only one account per person is allowed. If we observe you using multiple accounts, all accounts on your IP will be banned. If you are using a shared or public computer, inform a staff member or make a note of it on your profile to prevent any issues.

2) There shall be no cheating or abusing glitches of any sort. If you find a glitch, you must report it immediately using the Contact Us link located at the bottom of every page. Abusing glitches creates an unfair advantage and ruins the fun for other players. Cheating or failing to report a glitch will result in an automatic account ban.

3) Harassing other users is not allowed. This includes flaming, insulting, begging for items/Verpoints, and continuing to contact a person who has expressed wishes to be left alone.

4) Leave the Staff to do their Jobs. Telling others that you are a staff member or performing staff duties of any sort will result in a warning (this includes moderating the forums). Insulting a staff member will result in an automatic account ban. Do not argue with staff members. If you feel a staff member is not properly doing their job, report it either directly to an administrator, or via the Contact Us link located at the bottom of every page. In addition, Staff will NEVER ask you for your password. Do not give it to anyone under any circumstance.

5) Verpets is an English-Speaking site. Do not post in other languages on public areas of the site. Speaking in other languages is fine in mails and comments, but it is not for the forums/shoutbox.

6) Excessive swearing is not allowed. Words like "Crap" and "Hell" are okay, but only when used in moderation. The staff are free to determine what is excessive at their own discression.

7) Discussion of inappropriate topics is not allowed. This includes posting sexual, racist, insulting, etc topics on the forums, shoutbox, Vermail, or user comments.

8) Excessive Chatspeak and Caps abuse is not allowed. Refrain from using chatspeak and caps lock on the forums, shoutbox, and IRC. Mild chatspeak and caps use is permitted, but excessive use will have consequences. Determining what is excessive use is at a staff members discretion.

9) There shall be no advertising of other sites. While discussion of other sites is acceptable, you may not advertise them, unless the site is a Verpets fansite. In addition, linking to sites that contain inappropriate material is not allowed.

10) Plagiarism is not allowed. This includes claiming someone elses art, writings, poems, or Veretteer submissions as your own.

11) Selling of pets on Verpets is allowed. However, it may only be done for Verpoints, VerCredits, or Verpet items, not for any off-site currencies.

12) Scamming is not allowed. Stealing items, verpoints, or pets from other players is strictly against the rules, and anyone found to be scamming will receive an automatic account ban.

13) Pet overlays on pet profiles is not allowed. Verpets offers the unique opportunity to upload custom images for your pets. Because of this, replacing or obscuring pet images on profiles in any way is not allowed. You are still free to add art to their profiles, but the original pet image must remain.

14) Image Submission Any artwork you submit to Verpets (via email, Vercomm, forum submission, or other) becomes property of Verpets, and may not be used, sold, edited or distributed elsewhere without direct written consent from the owner(s) of the site. This agreement remains in full effect regardless of your account status. You agree to this statement upon registering.