Black Shyx

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Potions Shop Book Shop Plushie Shop Toy Shop Sugar Shack Random Elite Shop Custom Item Shop Frequent Buyer Shop Cash Shop Fashion Store Supplies Shop VerVer Burger Grocery shop Drink Shop Coliseum Shop Pawn Shop Food Court
Book Shop
Reading books to your pets will increase their intelligence - rising their stats up against other pets on site and giving them the edge in Coliseum battles. Who wouldn't want the prestige of showing off a truly wise pet?
Sugar Shack
Mmmm, satisfy your pet's sweet tooth with some specialist Verpets desserts for them to munch on - the perfect treat at the perfect prices!
Cash Shop
Items purchased from the cash shop both support the site and unlock special features on your account or advance your position in the game.
Custom Item Shop
All items in this shop have been specially commissioned by your fellow users by activating a Custom Item Voucher!
Drink Shop
Satisfy your pets thirst with a wide variety of beverages - great after a play at the park or a competitive battle in the Coliseum!
Random Elite Shop
When you click on this shop you'll be magically transported to a random Elite User's shop! To have your shop featured here, upgrade your account at the Cash Shop.
Fashion Store
The latest seasonal apparel is yours to grab at the fashion superstore. Everything from scarves to t shirts and shoes, you're sure to find something you fancy. Plus, clothing items can be collected in your Wardrobe Collection.
Frequent Buyer Shop
As you purchase items from the main Verpets shops you'll earn Frequent Buyer Points depending on the rarity of the item you have managed to restock. These points can then be spent at this special shop on rare items.
Coliseum Shop
Equip your pet for battle at Hix's Coliseum Shop. Remember to equip for defence as well as attack! Hix also eagerly awaits you for battle as a one player battle opponents in the Coliseum.
Grocery Store
Pets hungry? Looking for items to complete your Cuisine Collection? The Grocery Store stocks a wide variety of items that'll interest you!
Pawn Shop
Need VerPoints quickly? You can sell off your items for a slightly lower value than you may have bought them at the Pawn Shop without having to wait for other users to trade with you.
Plushie Shop
You won't be able to resist the cuddly plushies in this shop and your pet will certainly be happy to play with one - raising their mood and showing you off as a great virtual pet owner ;) Plushies can also be collected as part of your Plushie Collection!
Potent Inc
Potent's Potions are... potent. Use them with caution on your pets, no returns and no lawsuits for damages may be brought! Potents various concoctions can raise pet stats and even change your pet's color.
Supply Shop
Looking for that general item that you can't find anywhere else? It's sure to be in the supplies shop!
Toy Shop
This shop will surely go down on your pet's favourite place to shop! Fun galore awaits those who make a purchase. Toys are the primary method to increase your pet's mood.
Verver Burger
Verpets' answer to fast food - grab your pet a snack they'll love, munch away and then enjoy the meal toy. Now including healthy vegan and salad ranges!