Death Ozilette

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Generous Star Coin
50 RP
Package Cat
100 RP
Sun Stat Potion
100 RP
History of the Stars
150 RP
Starry Seashell
250 RP
Star Referrer Icon Keychain
500 RP
Star Referrer Avatar Unlocker
500 RP
Everlasting Apple Plushie
600 RP
Magical Golden Star
800 RP
Educated Star
1,000 RP
Cloak of the Stars
1,100 RP
Golden Star Cupcake
1,200 RP
Golden Star Plushie
1,300 RP
Thaber Egg
1,500 RP
Celestial Watering Can
1,500 RP
2,000 RP
Muffin Man
3,000 RP
Golden Star Battle Staff
3,500 RP
Flaming Sword
5,000 RP