Brown Vulkit

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Verpets User Raffles allow you to sell items in a lottery style format. When creating a raffle you will select an item, the raffle duration and a ticket price. Users can then purchase tickets for your raffle and after the specified date has arrived, the raffle will be drawn and a random ticket chosen - the user who has this ticket wins the item prize!
Ticket prices can be set as high or low as you like. You receive a percent of the total amount of VerPoints earned from ticket sales when the raffle ends. Normal users keep 80% of their ticket sales, Elite User, keep 95%.
Now and then the VerpetsTeam may hold special Mystery Raffles where only the rarity of the item up for grabs is revealed - it's your job to gamble and buy tickets! There are no limits to the number of tickets you can buy for any particular raffle, only sanity and self-control in the case of Mystery Raffles!
Good luck with your raffles and ticket buying!
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