Brown Tapulu

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Well hello there! You must be the new recruits that Trevor was sending me messages about! I'm Cavo and I found these mines quite some time ago on my own expedition of sorts, I bet Trevor didn't tell you that, did he? Anyways, wait wait what are you doing!? No, no you don't need to put your Charow in a cage! What kind of business do you think I'm runnin'? These caves don't have any sort of noxious gas or the likes... maybe just some grouchy Wazzp but that's nothing your pets can't take care of! Speaking of which... to get you started you're going to need to pick a pet to help follow you down into these mines if you want to find anything! Think of them as like your... bodyguard, so make sure they have full health and a pickaxe equipped.
While you're mining, you're going to see your pet's currents stats as well as equipped items and items in their bag! You'll hopefully also see the mine itself but it can get pretty dark down there if you don't have a source of light... all in all it will look something like this:
You might be wondering what that bag can carry, huh? Well you see, the stronger the pet the more they can carry around so think carefully on who you're going to be bringing down to help you get a good haul. Equipped items will count automatically as 0.2 to that weight, and items you obtain while mining will have varying weights as well.
While you're down there feel free to unequip items but please know that you can't magically equip any. All stats, including the bag weight, energy, bug repel, and lantern power are displayed above the map on the left and all items equipped on your pet and in your bag will be displayed on your right. To use items in your bag (such as Bug Be-Gon and Cave Food) just click on the item that is displayed on the top right interface. If something is happening while you're down there you'll see a bold red text to let you know. Leaving the mine is simple! Just find an exit and click on it to leave, so make sure you don't get lost down there!
Uncut Sapphire Ruby Crystal Emerald Crystal
To get around the mine you'll have to move. Moving will not use energy and you can move using your mouse or your keyboard's directional buttons. Shouting at your pet to move has been proving to be very inefficient and I advise against that sort of behavior! Normal pets will be able to move 2 steps at a time and elite pets (who are extra happy!) will be able to move up to 3. The directional buttons on your keyboard will only move one tile at a time, however. If your pet has no more energy to move they will drop all items being carried to get the heck outta there! So please pay careful attention to what your pet is telling you, they aren't pack-geonlians after all! Likewise, pets that are carrying too much will not be able to move as well until you drop the weight to a more manageable level.
Bug Be-Gon Basic Lantern Modern Lantern
Sometimes you'll find yourself being attacked my enemies while in the mine, fear not! That's why you have your pet with you, use their abilities and weapons to make quick work of any foe you face. Using a lantern will keep your view nice and bright, but if you don't have such an item you'll be faced with darkness until you use one. Random items may also pop up while walking around the mine and some may only be obtained using this method. Elite users will also be able to access certain tiles throughout the mine that are not made available to normal members.
Piece of Coal Extracted Copper Chunk of Silver Gold Nugget Rough Diamond
Now onto the stuff I actually care about! Hey, don't look at me like that, I've got to make a living somehow! Simply click on ores to mine them, this will take energy and your pet must be standing next to the ore in order to mine it. Oh, you'll also only be able to mine the same ore as the type of pickaxe you are carrying - so you might want to pack some extras just to be safe! Some of the ore will be a little bit harder to mine and will require your pet to be of an appropriate skill level to successfully mine the ore and mining is not a 100% success rate each time, you may have to swing a couple times before you actually get anything!
I... also forgot to mention that you're probably not the only one that I've told about these mines... so you'll be fighting against other users for ore in these rocks. Thankfully these mines are pretty special and the rocks regenerate over time if you give them some space!
I've also discovered from personal experience that the entire mine completely resets! This seems to always happen at Midnight on a Wednesday. If you're still in the mine when this happens you'll automatically be kicked out and lose everything in your bag that you collected, so make sure you're paying attention when it gets close!
Coal Pickaxe Copper Pickaxe Silver Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe Sapphire Pickaxe
Luckily for you, however, I have some items that might be of a great deal of interest for you! Some of them are pretty special and will cost a bit more than others, but hey, you gotta spend money to make money in this line of business!
» Bug Be-Gon - This nifty spray will repel attacks for 50 steps each time you use one. No need to worry about battling down here when you have one of these bad boys!
» Basic Lantern/Modern Lantern - Having a lantern down here is a pretty good idea and while the Basic Latern will widen the darkness for 50 steps, the Modern Lantern will widen it for 200! Although, they are just candles so make sure you pay attention to how long they have left.
» Escape Rope - Just throw up this rope at any time and you'll automatically be removed from the mine without having to find an exit! Isn't that amazing?
» Exploration Hamper - While I uh... wouldn't recommend eating anything you find on the floor down there I do have some food you can take down with you. Each snack will give you 10 more energy to spend down in the mines.
» Axe Repair Kit - Sometimes your pickaxe breaks. Sometimes it happens a lot more than you think it should. Hey, don't look at me like that! I'd never sell you faulty equipment! You might want to purchase one of these, however, just to be safe. They'll automatically repair any pickaxe as it breaks.
» Axe Upgrade Kit/Golden Axe Upgrade Kit - Do you not want to have to sit idly buy waiting for that next shop restock to hopefully give you the item you were looking for? Look no further! With these kits you can simply upgrade your current pickaxe to the next highest level available. While the Axe Upgrade Kit is not guaranteed to work, the Golden Axe Upgrade Kit has a total of 10 guaranteed uses! What a bargain!
» Wooden Net/Metal Net - Some of those creatures that lurk in the dark are actually... pretty cute. You can use a Wooden Net to have a small chance at capturing one, or purchase a Metal Net from the Cash Shop for 3 guaranteed captures!
Bug Be-Gon Modern Lantern Escape Rope Exploration Hamper Axe Repair Kit Golden Axe Upgrade Kit Metal Net
Well, I think that's about all I have for you today. You seem like you understood a lot so I'm going to go ahead and certify you for mining! If you find anything good down there... just let me know. I'll take it off your hands for the right price!