Viral Warumono

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Sandy Beach Shopping Fortresses Lava Islands Creepy Lands Mining Countryside Iaseka Hole Camp Site Waterfall
Sandy Beach
Sand, sea, and surf! The Sandy Beach is the home of all three. Spend the afternoon buying some shells, playing games or just lying around on the beach.
Who doesn't like to shop?! Treat your pets to the latest fashion, some fast food or even destructive weapons and earn Frequent Buyer Points in the process!
Fortresses are user clubs on Verpets. Create or join one now to get involved in a mini community within the site!
Creepy Lands
Are you really sure you want to visit? There has been reports of ghosts and missing pets over the years. Watch out....
Lava Islands
The Lava Islands are home to the Lava Monster and many a peril. Explore it with your pet, but don't expect to come out unscathed.
Fresh air and green grass are not the only things you can find in the countryside anymore. Take a trip to the park, complete a Recycling Race or even plant your own seeds in your personal Virtual Garden.
Mining Cave
Mine the rich natural resources of the Virtual World of Verpets. The harder you work, the higher up the levels you will progress.
Discovered just recently by two brave explorers, Iaseka is home to the Princess' Palace and the popular the Totem Pole.
Deep Dark Hole
The creatures of the Deep Dark Hole deposit eggs in two types of nests for you to pick up and nurture into Virtual Pets of the Prehistorae classification.
This waterfall is a living and thriving ecosystem that is said to hold many secrets and mysteries within it's waters.
Trevor's Exploration Fund
Trevor's traveling treasure shop. Where all of his discoveries are made available for others, and where all proceeds go towards funding his desire for adventure.
 Popular Places
Fitness Center
Train your Virtual Pet up for battle in the Coliseum. Whilst training keep your eyes out for bonus stat quests.
Countryside » Medical Center
After a particularly brutal battle or an outbreak of the plague you may need to take your Virtual Pet to be healed by Nurse Rachley.
Countryside » Gardening
Plant seeds, tend to them and watch your hard work grow into a beautiful flower! Princess Liviana demands flowers for her quest.