Death Treillen

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On the Virtual Pet Site Verpets, after tending to a garden you may find yourself with an empty watering can or bottle. Here at the Virtual Water Pump you can select a pet to pump some water back into your empty vessels! It'll cost them a few health points, but there's nothing like fresh, free running water to keep your plants happy and your garden thriving!
Have you been busy gardening and need to refill empty watering cans or bottles? At the Water Pump you can! Simply select the pet you want to start pumping and refill your watering can.
The stronger the pet you choose to pump water for you, the more water they'll manage to pump into your watering item. It's well worth training your pet up at the Fitness Center if you are a gardener too! For example, a pet with a strength of 5 may only pump enough water into a bottle to water your plant once, but a pet with 500 strength could fill up a bottle with many more waterings!
Getting your pet to pump will use up some of their current health points - but it's worth the price for a well watered garden!