Black Rascallet

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Want to know what's happening on the Island of Verpets? Check here often!
Pet Trading
If you're looking for a new pet or would like to re-home one of your own, this is the place for you!
Medical Center
If your pet is sick or injured, a trip here will make it feel good as new!
Recycle Race
Bring Eric the items he asks for to earn points for exclusive items!
Here you can grow the beautiful flowers needed for Princess Liviana's Quests!
The Garden Shop
Buy all of your flower seeds and gardening items here!
Catch as many fish as you can, then sell them for Verpoints!
Middleoin Park
Is your pet looking blue? Take it to the park with a friend and cheer it up in a jiffy!
Trash Can
Generous users often leave items in here for others to pick up!
Art Market
Buy and sell designs you have made or purchased!