Wakaitcu's Profile

  • treeshapes
    Name: None
    Alias: Wakaitcu (wa-ka-EE-tchu)
    Gender: Male, assumed
    DOB: Unknown

    General Appearance: Lean, sinewy. Not especially tall or even large, maybe 5'5" or a bit more. Has an impish look, and at times can appear as a child.
    Hair: Long, about half-way down his back. Black, thick, coarse and shiny like a raven feather. Often braided at least partially, usually with beads and deer hide straps.
    Eyes: A bit wide-set, very large and round, almost childish-looking. They are said to look like ponds in the spring, because the shine in them is so strong the color is indiscernible.
    Skin: Slightly on the tanned side but with a milky glow.
    Clothing: Not much. Usually wears buckskin shorts or loin cloths, always with at least one string of beads. Only in the dead of winter will he wear anything more "modest". Also rarely wears shoes, but he does occasionally put on moccasins. He usually wears pouches and straps around his waist or over his shoulders for medicine bags or flutes.
    Mods: A single horseshoe-shaped ring in his left ear, carved from antler.
    Other: Ears are very slightly long but very obviously pointed at the cartilage. At any given time his appearance can change, but usually he has three long, almost diamond-shaped marks stacked underneath both eyes; they're black, but almost look like they're scaly.

    Personality: Playful and silly when on his own or around animals, tends to become more wary and quiet around people. Not one to act impetuous, he sticks mainly to what he knows and is easily frustrated when unable to do something. Dances and sings a lot. Easily excited when he's comfortable.

  • wildboy
    A shape-shifter, the boy was once revered by the people of his land. There was great joy in his heart for the people, for they understood their place in nature. In subtle ways he brought them luck and health, and they told legends of the spirit that could speak to the trees. The people gave him a name, "Wakaitcu". He called the people his friends, even though they had never met. But one day, the people vanished. The land fell quiet and the earth where they had been mourned.
    The Wakaitcu exists as a memory and protector, the heart of his forest. Akin to a fairy, he is immortal, but not invulnerable; if his forest dies, so will he, but he possesses the power to take the shape of any animal that lives within it.
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