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    Name Yashi
    Gender Male
    Born 30 December 2008
    Age 11 years 272 days
    Health max 2
    Strength 10
    Defence 2
    Speed 2
    Intelligence 80
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    Click here for more graphics and gifs! Yashi twirled the stem of a strawberry, watching the blur of the red fruit as his fingers gained speed. His sigh made it evident that something was on his mind, meaning something was eating at him. His friends anxiety peaked with each passing minute. -------"Yash, what's up?"------- Yashi picked his head up at the sound of his name. ------"Oh, it's nothing."------ ------"You're full of crap."------ Dejeuner received a glare for his accusation, although it was true. ------"I was just thinking... about being different."------ -----"Like how so?"------ -----"I want to be divine."------ Dejeuner snorted at the comment. -------"That's a bit much, don't you think? Not everyone can be a deity."------ - Yash rolled his eyes at Dejeuner's ignorance with his chest welling with impatience. He took a deep breath and exhaled his words. ------"I want to be a divine species."----- Dejeuner glanced away for a moment, as if disappointed by Yashi's wish. -----"Why?" ----- --------"I.. I just want to have more of a presence- to have this immediate impact. Like the look italics have, making a statement without even having to look at the words."------- -----"So you want to look like italics?"------ -----"... I suppose so."------- --------"You're telling me you want to present yourself in a way like you're better than everyone, that you're all-knowing, and have this arrogant demeanor? Why the hell do you want that, Yash? That's not you. All those that are a divine species are just divine assholes." -------- -------"That's why I'm going to be different. I'll be embodying how ridiculous people are being thinking they're on a different level than others just because they're a divine species. I also be showing others that they can't just assume someone's character based on their looks. They can't see through me and pull out the information on my ethics, my interests, my secrets- That's the difference- I'm going to be the difference." ------------ Dejeuner shook his head, but wasn't sharing his thoughts on what Yashi had said. Yashi crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows to cue Dejeuner for his response, but he still stayed silent and still looking away. ---------"Dejeuner-"---------- ----------"Yash, listen, you say that now but you're gonna get caught up in being a divine species and you'll lose your sense of yourself."--------- -------"That's not true-"------ ------"I don't want to hear it!"-------- Dejeuner stomped off, leaving Yashi victim to his own thoughts. Yash stared off to where Dejeuner had disappeared to and stayed like that few several seconds. The same sigh emptied into the room as it had done before.
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    Dagger of Divinity

    Lime Sucker


    Charow Marshmallow
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