Why's Profile

  • Avira, ♀

    RP: idk

    Name meaning: Fighting Spirit

    Species: Voidwalker

    Biological Sex: true- none, forms- all female

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Demisexual

    Romance: Heteroromantic

    Looking for: victory

    Unusually aggressive for a Voidwalker, though not predatory

    Everything she shifts into is white

    Prefers alpha predator species/races for shapeshifting

    Warrior Tomboy

    + Determined

    + Passionate

    - Pushes herself too hard

    - Doesn't know when to move on

  • Mind says...
    Av- oh, I see you are training again. Never mind, I'll talk to you some other time.
  • Has Scratchcard flick