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    Name Vladimir_Noxus
    Gender Male
    Born 11 November 2011
    Age 10 years 322 days
    Health max 9
    Strength 14
    Defence 2
    Speed 17
    Intelligence 6
  • About me
    My Name is Vladimir Noxus But you can call me Vlad. I'm a born leader and i'll always try to have your back. Yes I'm Bisexual but its ok i dont hit on random strangers unless your amazing off the start. My Mother is Vixen_Spirit she prefers to be called Maria. She keeps me healthy and happy. I'm generally nice. but if you push me and shove me cuz im just a little smaller we're going to have problems...
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    Cal_Strider says...
    "Dammit! Don't touch me with that!!!" her pupils narrowed to almost reptilian like pupils. Her claws suddenly replaced her fingernails and a few scarlet scales covered her hands. She grabbed the blade and began to bend it with sheer heat.
    Cal_Strider says...
    "You have no idea...." Revenge's whole body caught flame and it kicked Vlad onto his back before stepping on him with the other foot.
    Cal_Strider says...
    Revenge sighed "Well we get good rewards so it's kind of worth it. After all," it changed back into it's normal form and it's normal voice came back as well. "What else would we do."
    Cal_Strider says...
    Her, more like It's voice changed to match Kid's. "Yes our master but we just call him Father. If you ask me though he's not all that people think he is...."
    Cal_Strider says...
    "So are you alrtered as well? Oh well I guess I'll just report back." her body flashed a soft glow of red for a moment before she looked like...Kid. "To Father..."
    Sakurai says...
    (THis is Air; Airflower8 lol can I re-draw that pic of Vlad I drew like, 1-2 years ago? lol Like, sometime later?)
    Kastiel says...
    Oah my you did! & what a nice colour! I need to be white!
    Kastiel says...
    Just hanging. :)
    Kastiel says...
    *flapps about* oah heey!