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    Name TargetLost
    Gender Male
    Born 15 July 2011
    Age 7 years 349 days
    Health max 3
    Strength 6
    Defence 2
    Speed 2
    Intelligence 2
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    Cherrybell says...
    [She carefully pets the creature with a fin, giggling]
    Cherrybell says...
    If I move real slow can I pet you??
    Cherrybell says...
    HIIIIIIIIII How are you also what are you also can I pet you you look so fluffy
    Cherrybell says...
    [Drags herself over] Hihihihihihi!
    Darctryx says...
    [He screeches, darting into the air and flapping wildly, trying to fly away]
    Featherflame says...
    [Making a soft "craw" noise, he blinks, carefully letting go of Target.]
    Darctryx says...
    [Darc twists his head, trying to follow Target's position, and eventually squawking, having twisted his neck, and tries to pin the mouse creature down]
    Darctryx says...
    [Peeks at him, curious]
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